Cheryl in gold

Cheryl Cole strikes again with this beautiful gold dress from Ellie Saab. I love that it only has one arm and the fact that she wore her hair down. How perfect is her chocolate haircolor? Her sweet dimples and brown heels completed this amazing look.

This song made me cry

Oh my God. I just found this music video and I'm officialy crying my eyes out. What a beautiful song! Christina Perri have the most touching voice ever.

To-die-for outfit!

Oh la la Fergie. You got a lot going on with this outfit. Big hat, lovely hair, striped blouse, military shorts, the most amazing bag ever and to-die-for pumps. I totally get why Josh Duhamel married you!

My future statement-necklace!

I LOVE her statement-necklace and her shoes, her hair, her makeup, her blazer - Everything! Odette Yustman is officially one of my favourite celebrities. Can't wait to see her new movie You Again with Kristen Bell and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Gorgeous Kelly Osbourne

Sweet sweet Kelly. She looked amazing earlier today on set for a TV-show. Since she lost weight Kelly looks like a different person. I love everything about this look. Her blonde hair, dark makeup, beige dress and that gorgeous statement-necklace totally makes the outfit.

Cold hearted snake

Recognize this beauty? Yes, it's Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries. Katerina Graham is her real name and she looks gorgeous in this pink playsuit. Her tiger neckless is very uniqe and I love her short bangs.

Did you know Katerina also is a great singer? She just released her new single, Cold Hearted Snake. Watch it below. I actually like it a lot.

Is he worthy?

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene looks so adorable together. Never seen them holdning hands before. So cute.

Still there's something bothering me about this new couple. I picture Joe Jonas just being 16 years in my head. It must be because of his role in the Disneymovie Camp Rock. I just kinda feel his a little too childish for Ashley. I mean, she's a godess. He looks a little older in these pictures though, but I still feel a little weird about them dating. Joe is actually 21 and Ashley is 23, so there is no big age difference what so ever. Just me and my silly head.

What do you think, are they a perfect couple?

Passion 4 Baking

I officially have a new favorite blog. No, it's not a fashion blog. Not even a personal blog, but a blog about baking. Passion 4 baking is an irresistible site with a countless number of delicious recipes. This weekend I'm gonna try to make a few favorites from the blog. The two that tempts the most is undoubtedly a smarties chocolate cheesecake and oreo cookies. Just the names alone sounds divine.

I advice everyone to check out Passion 4 Baking.

Ashley Greene in turquise

I found this amazing photo of Ashley Greene earlier today, and I just have to post it. Her turquise cocktaildress from Donna Karan is just so beautiful and simple at the same time. Her pretty heels from Charlotte Olympia is perfect with this dress. I love the colors. Ashley also looks good with this easy hair-do. She usually wears it down, so this was a great variation.

Godess in a black gown

Oh Leona. How come you always look so breathtaking? Everything about this look is perfect. Her dark eye makeup, pink lips and long, straightened hair is simply fantastic. Leona can make both men and women drop at her feet in this black gown.

Blake in black

Last night beautiful Blake Lively was rocking this black minidress from Ellie Saab. She was in New York City promoting her new film, The Town on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Black pumps and black nails. She really knows how to pull of a head to toe look. Blake really is one of the most gorgeous women in the world. Don't you agree?

Rachel rocks Roberto Cavalli

Rachel is also currently in Italy attending Milan Fashion Week. She sat beside Taylor Swift at the Roberto Cavalli fashionshow earlier today. I'm in love with her conducted look. She looks good with smokey eyes and her hair was pretty as always.

Rachel Bilson is one of my favorite actors. I loved her in The OC, she was supercute in The Last Kiss and she totally impressed me in Jumper. Now I almost can't wait to see her in Waiting for Forever. A new romantic comedy starring her and K.C. Clyde.

A Year Without Rain in London

I love Selenas more grown up-look. It really suits her. How can someone not like her beautiful red coat? She's in London right now promoting her new album. I'm not a huge fan of her voice, but her last song, "A Year Without Rain" is very nice. I find myself humming the song.

You can see the music video below if you haven't heard it yet.

Rock on Taylor.

Taylor Swift looks drop-dead gorgeous in this black and white outfit. Her black skirt, dark boots and smokey eyes gives her that edgy look, but she still manages to make it a little cute with her white lace blouse.

The country-star is currently in Italy attending Milan Fashion Week. She showed off this wonderful outfit at Roberto Cavallis fashionshow earlier today. Her lace blouse can be bought here at It costs 6000NOK. That's insane. The black skirt you can buy online at Roberto Cavallis store here. "Only" 2300NOK. It costs alot of money too look fabolous!

Feeling great!

A few days ago I actually managed to block myself out of my own blog at Because of that "tragedy" I've decided to move in here on So far I'm really enjoying it. Something else you might notice is the language. I'm only writing in english now. Not just to become better at it, but also so that people all over the world can understand what I'm writing.

I also want to inform you readers about my depression. It's getting a lot better now and I'm feeling happier than ever. I've fallen totally head over heels in love with my husband - again, and we're doing great! Our economic situation is unfortunately still screwed, but we are really trying hard to fix things. I don't know where we would be without the help from our loving family.

Shifting to a more positive subject, the weather is sunny, I have stretched out my hair and I'm gonna go buy some dinner for tonight. I'm in the mood for some chicken.

Tip of the day: Check out Privileged at

Not a good look for Blake Lively

I almost always love every outfit Blake wears, but this was a disaster. Why Blake? Why? The sweater suits her well, but what's up with the horrible skirt? Blake actually is on the set of Gossip Girl here. I have to admit, I'm not looking forward seeing this outfit on GG.

If you disagree with me, you can always buy the skirt yourself here at

Her name is Rihanna

Adorable Riri is currently shooting her new musicvideo called What's My Name. It looks like it's going to be one very colorful video. Rihanna's hair is more red than ever and she looks good. Red hair, green necklace, orange nails and a zebrastriped-vest. Who knew someone could actually pull off that look?

What's My Name will supposedly be Rihanna's second single, right after Only Girl In The World. I can't wait!

Cath and Whitney in The City

I recommend everyone to read Caths beautiful blog. She's actually living the dream in New York City. Earlier this month Cath even met the big fashionista from The City, Whitney Port. How lucky is she? They met at an event hosted by Ebay Lookbook.

Guess what? I think Cath looks prettier than Whitney in this picture. What a complement!

Beauty and the beast

This attention-couple looks so pretty being photographed together, but their attitude really sucks. I think Heidi would do a lot better without him. For a while back it seemed like they were finally getting divorced, but now they are obviously one hundred percent back ON again.

I actually think Heidi looks beautiful after her many operations. She kinda looks a little ?too? perfect on these pictures. Long blond hair, white dress and perfect white teeth. Of course her husband, Spencer completely destroys these pictures with his slick attitude.

SJP in London

I love this Burberry Prorsum outfit on Sarah Jessica Parker. These pictures of her in London makes me want to see the whole Sex and The City-series all over again.

Her jacket completly makes the outfit, but I still would have liked her to take it off, just for a moment. It would have been nice to see how her dress looked like underneath. It seems so wonderful.


Alexa Chung at the Burberry Prorsum show in London.

Military dress, beige boots and blue nails.

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